Voices from Vaults: Lai Chi Kok is loved by real folks!

When shopping for a storage option related site, nothing can be more reassuring then hearing from the horse’s mouth…or in this instance, the storage facility’s door. Li Zhi Jiao, Mi Ni Cang is the subject of many stories. Grab some popcorn because real-life adventures are more enjoyable than your streaming obsession.

Lydia is an entrepreneur of 30 years old. Lydia recounts: “When I launched my online clothing store, my apartment became a chaotic maze of dresses. I was in danger of drowning. Lai Chi Kok rescued me! Not only did their team provide me with a perfect space, but it also advised me how to best store delicate fabrics. In three years not a single thing has lost charm.

Raj, an avid antique collector who travels the world as a photographer. He laughs. “My home will look like a modern museum soon!” I needed a space where I could safely store these treasures. Lai Chi Kok was a godsend with its climate-controlled units. And the best bit? It was so easy to exchange pieces with their transport service.

Who could forget Sarah the student from abroad. “Moving across the world is hard. Where should I keep my stuff when on vacation? Even harder! Lai Chi Kok is a recommendation by a senior. Their flexible contracts enabled me to store all of my items during the holiday period without breaking the budget. It was great to have this taken care of.

Jamie, who is a dad to two, comes last. “Kids quickly grow up, and along with it comes a whole lot of stuff that you just aren’t ready to let go. Lai Chi Kok became a little family memory vault. The memories are all there. From the baby clothes to our first bicycles.

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