Use Piano Covers To Protect Your Piano Investment

Piano owners have over time resorted to unusual covers to protect their valuable investment this site. No matter whether the piano is a new acquisition or an old heirloom that has been passed down through the generations, the piano must be taken care of and protected with the right piano cover. I’ve seen many different items used as piano covers. Some of the covers I’ve seen in people’s homes include blankets, newspapers and sheets, old quilts from Grandma, blankets, plastic, bed sheets, and plastic sheets. I once saw floor to ceiling drapes falling from the window and being spread over the piano in an attempt to protect it.

The beautiful piano (or organ) can look a lot like the bedroom’s unoccupied treadmill. It can be draped with all types of clothing, towels, and even bathrobes. None of these solutions are ideal. Protecting a piano from the sun’s damaging effects is crucial. The stained-wood piano should not be left in direct sunlight for long periods. Exposed to the sun for too long can cause damage to the finish, or even fading. Very few owners have the money to get their windows coated with special ultraviolet protective film. A professionally designed piano cover is an option. Cover the piano in a genuine piano cover, made specifically for your furniture. This will enhance the piano’s beauty, elegance, and longevity.

Dust damage can also be a danger to pianos that are left unattended in homes. Not only is it unsightly, but dust and dirt will also build up on keys over time and make them difficult to move. Dust and grime can build up on the piano’s finish or wood. It is possible to scratch the instrument by just wiping it clean. Dust inside the piano may cause even more damage. Dust that builds up on the tuning pins, the strings bearing felts, or the dampers over time can cause serious damage to your piano’s long term health. An additional fee can be charged for a professional tuneer to blow dust out of the piano’s internal workings using a bellow. A fitted piano cover would be more cost-effective.

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