This puzzle is a unique gift

Do you struggle to come up with unique gift ideas? Not only you, but many people struggle to find unique ideas for gifts. We often don’t get the reaction we hoped or expected. The people have so much choice that they only really care about something expensive, read here.

What’s left of you?

The gift is unique. You can create your own jigsaws from photos. You can use the puzzles for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and reunions.

Who can use the puzzles?

A person of any age can easily put together the entire puzzle. Even adults will find the result fascinating.

What are the uses of it?

Start by uploading an image that is already on your computer. The site will then use the photo to create an original family photo puzzle. Alternatively, you could create your own puzzle from several photos. Any photos you like or that bring up fond memories can be used.

Find photos of your recipient with her horse. Find pictures of her and/or the horse(s), or just the horses themselves, if you’re making a puzzle. This service creates a photo mosaic on your puzzle. The recipient of your gift will love that you paid special attention to the things she enjoys and took great care to personalize it.

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