You’ve Been Injured At Work – What Now?

If you have been injured seriously at work, there is a lot to do. First, you must heal. It means that you should get the rehabilitation and medical services that you need and take the time necessary to recover. At first, this may be your full-time occupation and you might not be in a position to file a legal claim or think about your rights. The bills are piling up, and you need to provide for yourself and your family. There comes a point when every injured worker must consider the circumstances that led to his or her injury. You’ll need to think about a few things

California personal injury laws allow a person injured by the negligence or another to make a claim. In many cases, workplace accidents and deaths are caused by the failure of an employer to ensure a safe working environment. This includes maintaining a worksite in a secure manner, making sure that all equipment and machinery is working properly, providing the appropriate safety equipment, setting standards of safe work practices, and ensuring the equipment and machinery function safely. An employer can be found negligent if he fails to do his job in one or more of these areas. The law of personal injury defines negligence as any conduct that is below the level of care required by law to protect others from unreasonable harm. The injured party or plaintiff must demonstrate that they have been injured and that there was a duty owed to them by the employer. The plaintiff must also prove that the employer did not fulfill this duty. For example, if the injury occurred at work, the plaintiff would have to show the ways that the employer failed maintain a safe working environment. In order to prove that an employer’s negligence in their duty of care caused the injury, it must be shown.

If this describes your situation and you have been injured at work, you might be able file a lawsuit. California gives you two years to bring a case against a private employee, but just six months to do so against the State, a City, County or other Municipality. The time factor is crucial in cases of workplace injuries and wrongful death. It is important to interview and find witnesses, as well as investigate the job site before any critical evidence can be lost or destroyed. A personal injury and jobsite lawyer with experience can initiate these investigations even while you are still recuperating from your injuries. An experienced jobsite attorney can help you to recover compensation for your pain and discomfort, future medical costs, and lost income as a result of the accident or disability.