Scoring an electrifying deal: A Savvy Shopper’s guides to buying a Used Tesla

Oh, that search for an old Tesla recommended reading. A used Tesla is like a needle hidden in a haystack. In place of hay, there are other vehicles that don’t give you the same joy as a Tesla. A used Tesla is like an invitation to a private club. Let’s not be shy, this exclusive club isn’t a secret club.

Priority is given to price. Teslas like Gucci handbags is coveted by everyone, but very few can afford it. It is here that used cars come into the picture. It’s the same thing as buying designer clothes in a thrift store.

The heart of an electric vehicle is its battery. Rethink your decision when you discover that the battery had more energy after Thanksgiving Dinner than you. You may have an idea if you find that the battery had more energy at Halloween than a toddler. It is important to regularly check the condition of your battery.

The warranty is an important factor. You can think of the warranty that remains on your badboy as a free bonus in your favourite game. You will have less worries about possible repairs which could cause you to lose your wallet.

Model variations are interesting. Tesla is known for updating its cars faster that the majority of people update their phones. To find the right model and features, you need to do some detective work. Are you a big fan of the autopilot system? What do you make of the sound system in your car? You should know exactly what you want.

Pricing is a favorite subject of mine. Nobody ever said it. The used Tesla market is as volatile and unpredictible as my grandma’s mood changes. Prices can spike one minute and drop the next. Look for new deals. Deals do come up from time-to-time.

If you’re buying from either a private seller of a third-party dealership, it can seem like a minefield. Always ask for maintenance records. Also, consider hiring someone who has extensive knowledge about EVs to perform an EV specific inspection.

Although it’s not always easy to find used Teslas, the search can be exciting. Negotiation skills are needed, as well as patience sharper than the barbeque knife on my Uncle’s barbecue.

In all seriousness though, snagging yourself a pre-owned Tesla can be one of those pat-yourself-on-the-back moments. You join a group with a forward-thinking attitude and are advocates of sustainability. But you also can drive around the city knowing you got a great deal. It’s a great find.

The goal is not only to get from A to B but also to enjoy the silent electric miles that you will travel without having your wallet empty. Happy hunting.