How can THCa be used?

Many stoners, patients, and medical marijuana users use THCA to convert into THC every day. They do this by dabbing, smoking, or ingesting a weed-like substance. THCA serves as a medium to get the THC effects. Many brands have begun to recognize the advantages of THCA when used alone. Click for source!

You can eat it, but many prefer to incorporate it into a juicing? Check out these recipes and guides for better efficacy and taste. For better taste and efficacy, many choose to incorporate it into their juicing regimen. Many companies produce THCA tinctures, topicals and other products that can be consumed as part of a regular regimen.

How to activate THCA

The good news is that activating THCA can be as simple as “pack, light and inhale”! Every day, smokers, vape pen users, or patients activate their THCA when they use weed to smoke, dabs for a vape, or any form of heat consumption.

You can Decarboxylate Cannabis in order to use it for topical, edible, or tincture products. You can decarboxylate cannabis in several ways, but the most common is by exposing it to about 200-245oF over 30-40 mins. Any temperature above 300oF will cause the cannabinoid to be destroyed, and so will overcooking.

What is the best way to use THCA?

You can, but the THCA won’t last long. You need heat your cannabis product containing THCA, otherwise, you won’t get a high or any of the other benefits like pain relief, appetite stimulation and nausea abatement. THCA immediately begins converting into THC upon contact with heat. You are inhaling THC when you puff on your Puffco or click a Volcano Bag, smoke a joint, use a bong, or rip Volcano bags.

Do THCA results show up in a drug-test?

Yes, THC will also show as positive during a test. The THCA in weed and dabs cannot be fully decarboxylated into THC. Therefore, you are also likely absorbing THCA.