Help! What do I need to know?

UK plumbers are in short supply. If you have an emergency, you might need to call in a professional.

Many articles have been written about how to choose a plumber. All of us have heard that you should get several quotes and ask people for recommendations. This advice may be good, but there seem to be many options for plumbers, read more here.

What the average woman faces is not what you think. It is important for the typical householder to feel confident in a plumber. It is important that they receive excellent service from someone punctual, courteous and reliable.

When you have an urgent problem, there are plumbers like Dave or Mr. It’s a problem if your toilet starts leaking Sunday morning.

If your job is more mundane, for example, having your bath installed or your boiler serviced you could still be in a tough situation. You may have a hard time getting a quote but it is harder to actually get the work done.

Recent reports have indicated that this situation could be changing.

In recent months, several newspaper articles were published about the scarcity of plumbers. British Plumbing Employer’s Council estimate that over the five-year period 2003 to 2005, plumbing will require 29,000 extra employees. Workers in the City left their previous jobs to become plumbers, hoping for a PS70,000 salary.

Recent news reports indicate that Eastern Europeans with plumbing background have filled positions in construction. There is also a high number of trainees without jobs.

Homeowners should have an easier time finding a plumber. The logic behind this is good, but there are few plumbers willing to accept jobs. Use these Hot Hints to find a plumber if your ceiling is leaking or if a bathroom renovation will be taking place next week.

Finding the best plumber

Begin by asking your friends for advice.
Local plumbers can be found using local directories. Plumbers are able to provide more information about their specialisations, qualifications and experience in the better guides. The plumber may give a special discount to you for mentioning your directory.
Consider checking out the local church magazine. Advertised plumbers tend to be local. Also, they may be faster, more affordable or willing to provide immediate assistance.
Consider your neighborhood paper. Consider your local paper.