Companies Use Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are so many choices available when it comes choosing a carpet cleaning service for your home and business. It is important to be familiar with the various methods that different companies use, discover more!

These are the different types of carpet cleaning available in the market

Hot water extraction cleaning

Hot water extraction cleaning is often referred to as steam carpet cleaners. Hot water extraction uses hot water to heat the water and agitate the carpet fibres.

Hot water extraction cleaning usually involves the application of cleaning agent on the carpet and then agitation with a brush. Finally, cleaning agent is rinsed off. After the carpet has been soaked in cleaning agent for a while, it is then “washed” using a carpet vacuum to thoroughly rinse and dry the agent.

Average sized carpeted offices measuring 3000 sq.ft will take 2 hours to clean and dry. Most companies advise carpet to be vacuumed in the late afternoon. Once it is dry, it can be dried overnight so that the office can reopen as normal the next morning.

Carpet Shampooing

Shampooing carpet was common until the advent of encapsulation technology. Although it can clean heavy-soiled carpets, its disadvantage is that it leaves behind large amounts of wet foam residues. This makes the method less popular than others.


Foam Encapsulation uses synthetic detergents for a base. When dried, it will crystallize and become powdered. The foam will encapsulate dirt particles from carpet fibres into powder after it dries. After that, vacuum or brush the foam dry.

Because foam encapsulation uses less water to clean, and therefore takes a longer drying time than carpet shampooing, the foam encapsulation method has taken over carpet shampooing. Because there is less residue left after cleaning, foam encapsulation has been praised by people who believe in using environmentally friendly products.

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