Scent Battle: ESNC’s Flowerbomb vs. Viktor & Rolf W.210

Have you ever been in a perfume shop and felt torn when choosing between two scents get more info. You’re faced with a similar decision as you would when choosing between an elegant black dress and a vibrant, trendy ensemble. They are both fabulous but they have a distinct difference. Today we will be comparing ESNC Perfumery W.210 with the renowned Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

ESNC’s W.210 has the enigmatic look of a stranger at a party. It is understated yet bold. Its presence is felt without dominating others. Citrus top notes reminiscent a Mediterranean breeze greet you. The heart of the scent is a symphony white flowers: jasmines, lilies, and a hint of tuberose. W.210 is not just a single fragrance. The base has a warm scent with notes of amber and sandalwood, which evokes the warmth of winter evenings spent by the fire. This fragrance is suitable for both brunch and an elegant gala.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb occupies the opposite corner. This fragrance is a cult favourite. It’s like a fireworks show for your nose. True to its title, this fragrance is an explosion of florals. The top has a playful feel with a hint bergamot and tea. The floral heart is dominated by jasmines, freesias, and orchids. The fragrance culminates into a sweet patchouli base. The scent is hard to forget and makes a statement wherever you go.

W.210 and Flowerbomb are like a moonlit, serene night next to a sun-kissed, crowded festival. W.210’s balance of floral and warm notes offers a subdued and versatile elegance. Flowerbomb on the other hand is the height of luxury, with its unabashed floral extravagance.

Which of these should you put on your dresser and why? Personal preference is the key. Do you want to wear a fragrance that is fresh and warm every day? Then W.210 is the scent for you. Flowerbomb, if floral, festive, a bit flamboyant and a touch flamboyant is what you are looking for.

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