Our Privacy Policy

Marketing Services:
Our company neither publish your data anywhere nor share it with any of the marketing service at any cost.
Privacy Protection:
Protection of user's privacy and personal data is one of our prioritized services. We use industry standard technology to encrypt your data. We also implimented limitations that supports the process of securing your personal data.

Customer's privacy is one of those things at which we do not compromise at all, we provide anonymous service for this purpose. The service provided by us is very safe and secure, that's why we have a lot of loyal customers from all over the world.

Data Collection:

Data collection process followed by us is very simple and secure. We do not store any of your data or personal information.

Fee Requirement:
We are serving customers for their convenience not just for making money at every step. No fee is required to use any service.

User's Rights:

User's rights include all the legal access given to the user by our company that includes the following:

          * Access to personal account if created.

          * Correction request of data entered.

          * Delete any information on personal account.

          * Transfer or exchange of cryptocurrency.

          * Approval of withdrawal request.