Power Washing the Locomotives and Degreasing them

Many power washing and pressure washing companies don’t realize the money they can make cleaning industrial items useful content. As a matter of fact, I was unaware of this when I began my business. But I eventually became more fearless and would ask managers for contracts whenever I saw fleets. In my 18th year, I visited a locomotive depot to check if I could secure a cleaning contract every other weekend for some industrial trucks that were parked alongside the building.

The account I signed up for included five work trucks, the supervisor’s car and some heavy equipment. After I started they were impressed with my steam cleaner. Then they asked if i could degrease thier locomotives. Back then, that was quite a bit of money. After I completed the work, they were satisfied. Then they asked me to remove the paint from another locomotive so that they could repaint it. Again, $60 per hour was my charge. I worked on that job for almost 200 hours.

Yes, I discovered a whole new niche for power-washing and degreasing engines. When I was younger, I had no idea that there were OSHA standards for safety in the rail industry. A person who slips or falls on the catwalk can cause serious injury or death. In order to ensure the safety of locomotives, they had to be regularly power cleaned and disinfected. It was fine for me, a 18-year-old at $60 per hour. Over the years the price per an hour has increased and safety restrictions have also increased. Undoubtedly, pressure washing and steam cleaning locomotives is an extremely lucrative business.

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