Metatrader Tips – Expert Advisor Optimization

MetaTrader tip “aE”, Expert Advisor Optimization MetaTrader’s Strategy tester will help you get the most from your Expert advisor. This is where you will optimize and backtest the strategy. The forward test in the demo account is crucial, but backtesting lets you simulate trading for a period of time over several minutes. The optimization feature allows you to determine which settings were most successful over a specific historical chart. MetaTrader 5 allows you to optimize thousands of settings of expert advisors in order for them to be the most profitable. Indicator strategies should be optimized to maximize profits. The majority of EAs can benefit from optimization. This includes those trading on tick data – provided that you have full M1 historical data. While there’s no guarantee these settings will prove profitable in future, the optimizer will find the most profitable settings within the specified date range.

As market conditions often change, it is vital to reoptimize your advisor frequently for maximum results. First, you must select your Expert Advisor in the drop-down menu. You can select the currency from the Symbol drop-down box, and then the chart time period using the Period option. Model is usually “Open Prices Only”, unless the EA you want to optimize runs tick data. Then, you should select “Every Tick.” Then, check the box for Use Date. You can then choose an appropriate range of dates. Finally, check that Optimize is ticked. The Expert Advisor settings can be accessed by clicking the Expert properties button. On the inputs tab, you can specify the value range to be optimized. In the columns, the lower value is displayed in the Start column and the higher one appears in the Stop column. The Step column shows the distance that the Optimizer will travel from the Starting setting to the Ending setting. The optimizer is going to test all combinations of 20, 40 and 60 values, up until 200. The start value, the step size and the stop value should be appropriate for what you’re optimizing. Even values (5, 10, etc.) It is good to use even values. Selecting the checkbox at the very left is required to optimize the settings. The Value column is used for any setting that has not been checked. On the Testing Tab, you can make the Initial Deposit a little more realistic.

Keep the default settings for all other options. If you want to start the optimization process, hit the Start button on the bottom left of the Strategy Tester. The optimization process can last anywhere between minutes and hours, depending on your testing model, period of time, test interval, number of settings, etc. To speed up the process, try reducing the number of settings to be optimized, or adjusting your step size. To sort the results, double-click Profit in the Tab Optimization Results. Double-click any one of the results in order to load them into the tester. Click the Start Button again to perform a reverse test with selected settings.

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