Lane Cove’s Tile Cleaning Hacks

Our homes should be filled with elegant and glittering tiles more bonuses. It is important to keep your tiles clean. To get tiles that sparkle, you don’t have to hire a professional. There are some DIY tile-cleaning techniques that you can use from the famous carpet cleaning company Lane Cove. Lane Cove has some great tile-cleaning tips that we will reveal in this article.

1. Water-Vinegar Magic

Vinegar, water and a sponge are inexpensive and easy ways to clean tile. Vinegar’s acid is effective at cleaning and shining tiles. Mix equal amounts of white vinegar distilled and water in a bottle. Spray the solution over the tiles. Let the vinegar do its thing for a few moments. Scrub the tiles gently with a mop or brush, then rinse thoroughly with clean tap water. Vinegar can damage natural stone tiles.

Baking soda scouring paste

Baking soda can clean tiles effectively. Baking powder and water can be combined to make a thick scrubbing mixture. Let the paste set for 15 to 20 minutes on grout and stubborn stains. With a toothbrush or scrub brush, gently scrape the tiles and grout. Rinse your tiles and grout well for brilliant results. This procedure effectively removes discolouration of grout and dirt.

Lemon Clean

Lemons clean and taste good. Rub a half lemon on stained tile. Lemon juice will remove grime, and it smells nice. Rinse off the tiles to remove the lemon after rubbing. This procedure is a great way to clean and revitalize tiles.

Hydro-peroxide Power

The use of hydrogen peroxide to clean tile is highly recommended. It effectively removes mildew from grout. Most retailers sell 3% hydrogen peroxide. It penetrates mould when applied directly on grout lines. Brush and rinse grout. Hands-on protection and ventilation is required when using hydrogen peroxide.

5. Steam Cleaning Magic

Steam cleaners could revolutionize tile cleaning. Steam cleaners use high-temperature steam to remove grime, dirt and stains. Steam cleans without using any chemicals and kills germs. Steam cleaning can be used on high-traffic surfaces and textured tile, where it is often difficult to remove dirt.
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