How Professional Mathematics Helped Me in My Academic Journey

I stood on a battlefield made up of practice worksheets and textbooks my site, each a constant reminder of my arithmetic struggle. Should I have someone do my math assignments for me? A thought that came to my head more times than I can admit. It was like a white-flag in my academic struggle, but desperation made me make a change.

The transition from skepticism towards action was an important step. Outsourcing the academic problems I was having sounded as if I had given up. The bridge I found on my other side wasn’t a shortcut. A bridge designed by experts with knowledge and answers. Each session was designed to illuminate algebraic and geometric hieroglyphs in order to make them more understandable.

I noticed at first that my grades on this journey had changed. Better understanding improves performance but I expected something different. I turned Cs into As. Each test and project was an opportunity to display my new skills.

Professional math help, however, had benefits beyond just my grade. The actual change was an internal one. Mathematics was something that I always struggled with in my academics. That cloud disappeared with the help of professionals. With professional help, homework was less about worrying about failing and more about solving the problems. Mathematics became more of a challenge than a threat.

A new perspective opened many options. Subjects that had been previously unattainable became suddenly achievable. Math made physics, chemistry, and computer-science possible. It was as though a whole new world opened up to me.

These lessons helped me to develop study habits and discipline that have benefited all my academic disciplines. Maths’ rigorous approach has affected my history and lit compositions. I improved my arithmetic marks, but also gained strategies that were useful in other areas of study.

My confidence was the strongest proof of my math tutor’s competence. My participation in the class has improved not only with math but all around. After hesitation, I raised a hand. Questions I had avoided, I now wanted to answer. This confidence improvement is the most significant, yet it was not on your report card.

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