Five Marketing Books You Should Consider Adding to Your Small Business Library

Are you trying to drive more traffic to your web site or increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Here are five new marketing books that might prove useful to people using the Internet to build businesses. Read more now on

Turn Words Into Traffic by father and son team, Jim & Dallas Edwards, is an excellent book for anyone looking to develop an article marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website. The book comes with step by step exercises to walk you through the process of writing an expert article on the topic of your choice and distributing that article throughout the Internet. The book is available in hard copy, paperback or as a downloadable e-book.

Before you quit your day job, check out Moonlighting on the Internet, written by Yanik Silver and five other internet marketing experts. “Moonlighting” provides readers with a quick understanding of five different ways to make money on the Internet. It provides a good overview before you spend a bundle of money on various “guru” products. Silver created a million-dollar internet marketing business from the living room of his one-bedroom apartment.

The Internet is morphing into a marketing and advertising juggernaut at warp speed. Keeping up is difficult at best unless you have a guide with a long memory. In Meatball Sundae; Is Your Marketing Out of Sync? Seth Godin challenges old-style, commodity businesses to transform themselves to fit the new marketing vehicles. “The result of combining two perfectly good items that do not go together is messy, disgusting and ineffective,” Godin writes, using the metaphor to explain why it may not work to market the basic staples, the things that people need (the meatballs), with the new marketing vehicles such as My Space, Web sites, YouTube, permission marketing, and viral techniques (the sundae). Businesses need to expose themselves to ideas that challenge their assumptions and force them to rethink not only their marketing strategies, but their overall business model. Meatball Sundae is just the type of thought-provoking tome to start the dialogue.
Anyone creating AdWords campaigns should grab a copy of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords; How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes by Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd. Perry Marshall is a leading expert on buying search engine traffic while Todd is an a Google AdWords specialist. 90 percent of the campaigns using Google AdWords are ineffective because their creators fail to test them before rolling them out, according to Perry and Todd. Their shared knowledge could prevent you from wasting money. This book comes with a FREE Google Success Kit valued at $85.

Now there’s help for anyone using Google Analytics to determine:
Where your site visitors come from?
What pages they visit
How long they stay?
What they buy?
What makes them give up?
How often they return?

Google Analytics 2.0 by Jerri L Ledford and Mary E. Tyler, is a much needed guide to help site owners make the best use of this powerful, free tool. Like the Google AdWords guide, it comes with a free $25 gift card, when you sign up for a new Google AdWords account. If you haven’t discovered Google Analytics, you owe it to yourself to check it out. You will be amazed by the amount of information you gain about your web site using this tool.

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