Find the Right Catering Service

Catering is vital to any celebration. The factors you need to consider before choosing your caterer are your budget, your taste in food and the company reputation. Following these tips will ensure that you receive the highest quality food at the most affordable price. More about the author!

Your Expectations

First, you should create a catering list. What will you require for your celebration or event? To get an accurate estimation, you should make sure to give this information in a clear and concise manner to any potential caterers. The factors to be considered are the location of the kitchen, number of attendees, type of foods and food allergies, as well any other special requests. They should be flexible enough to accommodate your requests, but they will also need this information to determine the cost of food.


Budget may play a major role in determining which caterer you will choose. Keep in mind that your choice of catering service can also affect cost and budget. As an example, you could get the same items cheaper if your choice is a banquet meal instead of one served with servers. You should discuss with your catering company the details of your service to ensure that your budget is not exceeded.


Just as when you are hiring any professional you want references. It is possible to get referrals by family, colleagues, or friends before contacting a potential caterer. By gathering references, not only will you learn about what former clients liked, but will also be able to identify shortcomings. You should also find out about the place where they shop (i.e. Are they serving fresh or frozen food? You can find out if they offer linens and chairs as well as tables.


Last but not least, ask the potential caterers about their staff. Is there wait staff available for events and how is the service delivered? When planning a formal dinner, be sure to check the dress code of waitstaff and ensure that there will be enough servers. Catering professionals recommend having at least one serving for every 10 people.

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