Do you need Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelids refer to Asian eyelids that have the upper lid folded up above eyelashes. A platform of the eyelids is also visible. Double folds don’t appear on all eyelids. A crease is formed on the inner side of an eyelid. This crease signifies a specific attachment at that site between upper eyelid tendon and eyelid skin. Women and men both desire double folds. Also, it is protected to apply eye make-up.

Would you like to “Westernize Your eyes”

One common misconception is the idea that double eyelid surgery involves westernizing eyes. Asians often have the same double eyelids or none at all. Asians lacking a double eyelid often wish to have one. Some Asians worry it would “westernize” their appearance. It is incorrect to describe this surgery as it has been described in the past, even though that was how it had previously been described. This procedure aims to achieve a more natural upper lid by creating a fold that is clearly defined. This is achieved by creating a lower fold, removing a few layers of skin and maintaining the overall appearance. Sadly, some surgeons create the fold too big and remove too much skin. Surgery that is poorly planned can look terrible. If you want the best outcome, choose an eyelid surgeon with a lot of experience. These specialists will have perfected this process and be well-versed in it. You want to keep the natural structure of the eyelid while still redefining your desired shape.


Two different methods are available to make a double-fold. Asian countries use suture methods that utilize temporary sewing to form an upper crease. This is because these threads always break and are therefore not the ideal solution for people who need a lasting fix. The doctor uses a small amount of tissue taken from the upper portion of the eyelid in double-eyelid surgery to define a fold. It is important to achieve the goal with this procedure: preserve an Asian style of upper lid while making a defined upper eyelid folding.

Most of the surgeries are performed in the office under local anesthesia. Following the operation, all swellings and visible bruising will take 10 days. Stitches are usually removed within one week. Three tiny stitches may be left in place for up to three weeks for certain people. Many people do not know about your surgery for 10 to 15 days.

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