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Bitcoin Indonesia Penipuan

In Jakarta Capital of Indonesia enormous people had faced the fraud over the bitcoins sales and suffered losses, That scam is known as Bitcoin Indonesia Penipuan. The fake and scammed community which is called BTC Panda has been closed since 2018 which made the people loss their hundreds of millions of rupiah. It was notified that this community didn’t have a license and they were illegally dealing with the people on bitcoins sales and buying platforms.

bitcoin indonesia penipuan

On 11th April, 2018, the investment alert Task force had stopped the operational activities of BTC Panda exchanging platform and also, acknowledged the public that all should be careful while doing such transactions on this kind of platforms. They also explained that after the development and advancement of digital currencies like bitcoins some of the communities started fooling people by a fake tag which can be an alarming situation. One should be fully aware by such scammed websites which could steal millions of your money.
By this incident of losses of many people’s money we need to guided and instructed well while doing such transactions. What can be the precautions to learn avoid scams? You need to see the following points in your mind while making digital transactions so you could recognize the scam easily and protect your finances:

Fake Trading of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Indonesia Penipuan is an example of fake trading of bitcoin or any other crypto currency. We all are aware that bitcoin is becoming known to the public and so many people are getting it. By its popularity some stealers are out there as well who are using a fake platform for the transactions of crypto currency. Some of such fake crypto currency uses a trick of offering highly ruthless market prices by attracting the people which they blindly go for yet at the end they face huge losses. So, do your research and use an authentic platform to avoid scam.

In Person Trading Of Bitcoin

This would be a highly dangerous act when you are selling or buying directly, Whenever the third party ask you to meet to make an exchange, then this could be a clue that it isn’t safe to do so as the stranger could harm you in anyway and steal your finances. So, to avoid being robbed or wounded then you shouldn’t be agreed upon meeting up.

avoid bitcoin scams and cryptocurrency frauds

Fake emails

Some of the fake emails jumps into your mail box claiming that they belong to the services you are availing so that you would instantly react to that in any manner like using your password or other action and most of the time it becomes difficult for you to differentiate between and original or fake emails. Basically, scammers send fake emails to their target to judge their mentality, as we were talking about Bitcoin Indonesia Penipuan, before this incident people were recieving emails from unknown hosts offering different offers, and then they were scammed. For any doubts you just need to double check if that’s a real one or not by contacting them via phone or contacting through their social media platform. This will be so helpful to detect the scam.

Money transfer fraud

It’s a quite old trick of some bad people who send us some fake emails request for some aid to be transferred, you certainly do not need to reply to such scam emails.

Stealing Of Crypto

These days when the digital tech is improving day by day, some strangers out there got this skill which could be dangerous for the people who use it. They usually make the identical social media accounts and copy the same content as in the original one. Which they could easily make the public fool. Be aware of such fraud and scammed websites or accounts.

avoid bitcoin scams and cryptocurrency frauds

Free giveaways

Due to the circulation of information on internet becoming viral, this became an easy way for the scammers to take the benefits of the public by offering fake free bitcoin gifts or other digital transactions offers and request to pay for the registration or providing few personal information. If you look over such content on the website or social media then first you need not to believe that and report that right away so that many people would be safe from such fake offers.


As many people in Bangka Belitung had faced a great lose in 2018 which is called Bitcoin Indonesia Penipuan, because of the scammer community ‘BTC PANDA’. We need to make other people aware of it that still we could get into such fraud if we would not take precautionary measures same as explained above. There are many well reputed and licensed websites who are offering authentic digital transactions and exchanges which you should avail the services of Bitcoin.

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