Ask The Right Questions Before Choosing A Plastic Surgeon

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not one that can be made lightly blog here. When people have decided to go through with a cosmetic procedure, they must then find the right cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr. Mulholland of Toronto explains some questions to ask when choosing a cosmetic plastic surgeon. “Make sure that your plastic surgery is highly experienced in the procedures or procedures that you are interested,” says Dr. Mulholland. He advises patients to ask surgeons about their experience. For example, how many procedures they perform annually? How long do they perform them? What complications did they encounter and how have they dealt with them?

Patients should do thorough research to determine a surgeon’s skills and expertise. Dr. Mulholland suggests that you check to see if the surgeon you choose for your procedure can show many before and after photographs of past patients. Ask patients who underwent the procedure if they are willing to talk with you. This will allow you to determine if former patients have confidence in the surgeon, and the plastic surgery staff that assists with post-operative treatment. “Find if the surgeon practices at a government-certified clinic.” If the plastic surgeon doesn’t actually own the building in which he operates, how can you be sure of its safety or quality? says Dr. Mulholland. Ask how long the owners have operated and owned the facility.

There is so much information on the internet that it would be a mistake to ignore doing online research. If you search online, it is possible to find out whether the surgeon was involved in a lawsuit or received a complaint of negligence. For this information, Dr. Mulholland advises looking up the Canadian Malpractice Protective Association (CMPA) or the provincial college in your area. The online reputation of a plastic surgeon can be found on websites like, or Yelp. “An overworked cosmetic plastic surgeon may have a few patients leave positive reviews, but they might also receive negative ones. The reviews can give you a good idea of the surgeon’s abilities, but they should also be unbiased. Asking these questions and addressing the issues should help prepare you for your procedure and give an idea of what to expect. It allows you to choose the best cosmetic surgeon for your needs and procedures.

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