Nature’s Underdog, from wardrobes to fuel tank, Nature’s underdog turns heads

Oh, hemp cannabis! Hemp Cannabis is the cousin of marijuana learn more, which has caused quite a stir recently. What about the kind which won’t get your high, but will make great jeans? We’ll see what the fuss about this is.

Start with clothes. Hemp fibers have been compared to Chuck Norris. They’re tough, but also surprisingly soft. Hemp fibers, not only for their strength but also to make you feel in nature’s embrace. Who doesn’t love to feel that Mother Nature loves them when they are out and about?

Let’s move on to the pantry. Other seeds cannot match the nutritional power of hemp seeds. The seeds can help improve the health of your brain and heart. Sprinkle them over yogurt in the am or add them to your smoothie. Your body will appreciate it.

There’s more! You’ve probably heard of biofuels. Yes, the same seeds may be able to power our vehicles in a cleaner way than fossil fuels. Imagine pouring a gallon oil hemp seed into your vehicle and telling it to “eat-up”. It may sound crazy, but the future could be this.

Hemp is gaining in popularity with farmers. Hemp is a dream crop for farmers: it needs less water than Cotton and can be used to fight pests naturally. The soil is also improved as hemp grows. It’s a perfect dinner guest because it requires little maintenance and leaves the table better than when you found it.

Hemp plants are great carbon vacuum cleaners if you’re looking to help Mother Earth. They absorb CO2 more quickly than someone shopping with a card during sales season. Hemp can be a great ally in the battle against climate change.

Hemp’s association with marijuana has caused it to have a negative image, despite the fact that its powers are immense. Things are changing. As people become aware that hemp can be just as potent and non-alcoholic as beer, laws around the world governing hemp production are beginning to relax.

CBD, a compound found in hemp, does not cause you to see unicorns but it may help reduce anxiety and pain, without addiction or any side effects.

There is confusion surrounding hemp’s uses, despite its potential. From “Can I smoke my shirt?” to “Can I use hemp in a cigarette?” To the question, “Will eating seeds make me fail drug testing?” Spoiler Alert! Both answers are an emphatic “no”.

Here we find ourselves at the strange intersection of ancient wisdom with modern innovation. This is all possible through a single plant. Hemp cannabis doesn’t have to be just another crop. It’s an indication of how we are rethinking the sustainability across industries. From fashion to fuel.

Hemp marijuana is a versatile, multi-purpose product. It can be worn as clothing, used for fueling cars or even used to fuel the backs of our bodies. It is also more environmentally friendly than other alternatives.

The next time someone mentions hemp cannabis, do not immediately think of tie dye and psychedelic festival. Think about heart healthy smoothies and jeans made from sustainable materials.

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