The Blueprint of Compassion: Inclusion Strategies in Corrections

One could say that prisons are a kind of mini-city where everyone has their own needs and challenges get more info. As in the outside world, the most vulnerable citizens of society are among these residents. A compassionate community will ensure their needs are met. Inclusion in prison design is not only a good idea, but essential. It’s a thread that weaves throughout the fabric of humankind, ensuring inclusivity even behind bars is not forgotten.

It is about taking into account those who may find standard facilities challenging, such as people with physical disabilities, older inmates, and individuals suffering from mental illnesses. The goal is to say, “Hey you, we understand your needs and will make sure that this space works for everyone.” Inclusive Design is less about special accommodation and more about intelligent universal designs which serve a variety of needs without drawing any attention to the differences.

In the end, it’s not only about installing grab-bars in toilets and bathrooms, though that is a part of this. It’s all about creating flat thresholds, so wheelchairs don’t get stuck or those who have less confidence can’t fall. Signage must be accessible to those with visual impairments or cognitive difficulties, using braille and symbols that are easy to understand.

Layout of cells and common spaces cannot be a last-minute decision. It should allow wheelchairs to move freely and the furniture should be adapted so that it is comfortable for everyone. What about yard? It should have pathways and seating to accommodate all inmates’ mobility.

Now let’s consider the impact of inclusive designs on social interactions. Inclusion, not segregation, is the goal of communal spaces. It is better to have round tables than long ones, as they allow for eye contact and more interaction. This can help reduce feelings of loneliness. Lighting must also cater to those who have low vision. This means eliminating dark corners to create an environment that is safe and accessible for everyone.

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