Dirty Carpets Can Impact Your Health and Home

Articles on Dirty Carpets and Home Health suggest that carpeting can enhance air quality at home. You can do so much with your carpet. It is your largest air filter in the home. Your carpet holds contaminants such as dirt, allergens and bacteria.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph. Former director of the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office, Dr. Michael B. Berry is a Ph. Berry states that the carpets cause the majority of cleaning problems in the home. Regular maintenance can solve this issue. Berry compares the carpet with a kitchen sink in “Protecting the Built Environment” (Carpet Cleaning for Health). This sink collects pollutants of all types, indoors and out. Dirt, dust, and pollutants are accumulated as the sink (carpet) fills. Empty the sink when it’s full. Carpet cleaning is essential – related site.

It is true that indoor air quality is much worse than outside air. Well, it’s true. It’s mainly because the trapped air inside. Rarely does it get replaced. Most of the time, outdoor air will be replaced with cleaner air. Carpets release air pollutants. Pollutants are released into the air as you step on your carpet. The dust particles in your carpet are released back into the atmosphere after someone walks on it. You and your family will then breathe them. You can see it when you look at the sun with its dust. The indoor air is more polluted because we breathe it in repeatedly.

Berry says that if carpets don’t get cleaned well, they could become breeding ground for bacteria, and bio-pollutants. It is important to empty the sink regularly, and clean your carpets every time. Carpets are often only cleaned when dirty. Dirty carpets are usually very dirty by the time it is noticeable. It is important to use the right vacuum. No matter how expensive the vacuum is, it will still only catch 15% of dirt. This remaining soil is where bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants are collected. Berry believes that most people do not clean their floors in order to maintain good health. Clean carpets improve air quality.

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