How to Make Money from an Artistic Career

It can be difficult to find the passion for painting. It is difficult for artists to deal with their deepest emotions and express them. For artists, it can be challenging to live off their passion. You will discover in this article some career options that are available to you in the field of art and design, click this link.

You may have come across stereotypical ideas like these:

What can you do with a degree in arts?

Art does not make money. Do you want to starve as an artist?

The degree is not worth time or money.

Such statements can frustrate you, even more so when they’re wrong. Artists that are talented and dedicated will be successful. Careers in design and art are great ways to use your artistic skills.

You can earn money by pursuing art!

1. Commercial Artist

The artists who are in the commercial field create artworks to accompany advertisements, advertising strategies or even hotel and office d├ęcor. They work with magazines, brands, shipping/packaging companies, and other similar clients.

As a commercial art, you can be a solo proprietor and take commissions from different projects. Working exclusively for a company is another option. ).

To be a successful artist, it is important to develop a style which can be adapted to meet the demands and preferences of the client. Excellent communication is required when you are working with managers, graphic artists and supervisors.

Accounting and Finance can also help you to understand your client’s budget. Freelancing requires a lot of focus and motivation. It also takes a good work ethic to find clients, send emails, make invoices and manage time.

PayScale calculates that average annual income for commercial artists is $62,000. Many types of artists can be found, like illustrators. painters. sculptors. designers. photographers.

2. Graph Designer

Graphic designers may also be employed by commercial agencies or, increasingly, as independent contractors. Visuals, such as art or graphs, are created by graphic designers.

Use illustrations, fonts or graphics on your website, in logos or signs, and more. To accurately represent the brand and voice of a brand or company, graphic designers often work with them in close cooperation. You can also do it using traditional techniques.

Graphic designers often have a background in graphic designing or art. According to PayScale the average salary for graphic designers is around $44,000.

3. The art teacher or professor

You may want to consider becoming an art professor or instructor if you are passionate about teaching and knowledge sharing. You can find art teachers at all levels, from elementary to high school.

For art teachers, it may be required that they have an education degree. To teach young students art properly, the teacher must be able communicate effectively and interact well with them.

In the United States the average teacher salary is about $55,000. It varies widely depending on location and school.

For you to be able to teach art, you’ll need a degree that is more advanced. Most often, this is a doctorate or a master’s. The higher the level of education, and the more prestigious position that it brings with it, pays off in terms of money. Art professors earn an average salary of $72,600 annually.

4. Museum Curator

You may be best suited to the position of curator if you have an interest in the world of art or art studies.

They work at museums and art galleries. The curators’ responsibilities are to find, catalogue and collect art. Curators and art historians need to be knowledgeable about the history of arts as well as have good time-management skills.

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