Combi Oven reduces operational costs in Indonesian commercial kitchens

Indonesian kitchens must constantly optimize costs to maintain quality in a highly competitive market. Rotaryana’s combi oven, one of the leading kitchen equipment providers, is an innovative product that enhances performance in cooking while also reducing energy use, leading to significant cost reductions for Indonesian establishments. Find out more!

Rotaryana offers a combi oven that is both versatile and functional. It combines features of an oven with convection technology, as well as a steamer. Its advanced design, as well as its intelligent features allow this equipment to maximize culinary capability while minimizing energy waste. This combi-oven maximizes cooking efficiency in commercial restaurants by using both steam and dry heating.

Rotaryana has a combi oven with an effective insulation. High-quality insulation materials have been used to create an oven that retains heat effectively within the cooking chamber. This feature of insulation not only provides consistent cooking, but it also helps to reduce the energy used for maintaining desired temperatures. Indonesian establishments that sell food can enjoy significant savings in energy costs.

Rotaryana’s Combi Oven incorporates both innovative heating and ventilation elements to optimize energy. With its intelligent heating technology, the oven delivers an evenly distributed heat that allows efficient cooking with minimal energy usage. The oven’s ventilation system is also able to manage airflow, increasing cooking efficiency, and decreasing the amount of time it takes to cook. These elements are combined to ensure that the energy used by the combi oven is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

The combi oven’s smart control and programing systems allow chefs set exact cooking parameters to maximize energy efficiency for certain recipes and techniques. The user-friendly oven interface allows chefs easily to program and monitor cooking.

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