How to master oil painting lessons: Choosing the best course for home study

Everyone wants to be able to grasp and understand what they are being taught. It is important to treat your painting lesson with equal care. Keep these things in mind when you are choosing an oil paint home study course, check my source.

What is the level of instruction?

Painting lessons are available that cater to specific skill levels. There are painting courses that cater to beginners. The student may already be familiar with how to use brushes, make strokes or clean them. You should either start painting below or on your level. As an example, if your level of painting is intermediate you need courses which start at intermediate or lower levels.

What are the painting classes like?

Starting at the simplest level and working up, the course advertised by a professional painter would begin with the least challenging. This should not be done in a haphazard manner. The course should not jump from level to level. This can frustrate newbies and confuse experienced painters. If you are teaching a beginners’ painting course, the first thing we need to do is learn how paints should be mixed, loaded onto a paintbrush and cleaned. It will frustrate the student if they start by trying to paint still lifes. Pick a course where the student can move up from the easiest level to the most difficult.

What DVDs are included with the painting course?

For all of your painting lessons, you will need full-length videos. Short video clips don’t cut it! The video should be a full lesson. Video should include the complete lesson and not just an excerpt. A painting course that is not on DVD may have low-quality resolution.

How well do you know your painter’s instructions and how to apply them?

You must understand the artist’s instructions and be able hear them clearly. Important that the artist is able to explain clearly how to paint. You will not get much out of the course if you are unable to hear the instructor and the instructions given by him/her are confusing.

The Painting Course will include a Book of Lessons?

Paint-by-video lessons can help, but aren’t enough. To learn to paint, you must know exactly what to expect in each lesson. You should also be aware of the materials you will need. If you have a painting lesson that is still life-based, then it will require specific brushes and certain objects like a vase filled with fruit or flowers. For this, you will need specific paint colors. Students must be prepared by having a textbook.

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