When your combi-blower breaks down, the best way to stay warm is by using a heater

It is possible that your combi boiler will stop working and you will be without hot water or heat go to my site. As we are used with hot water and heating, it is not a surprise that the boiler will fail. Once you learn that you no longer have heating or hot-water in your home you will need alternative methods to keep warm. Cold houses can be a problem for families. Here are a few tips to help you stay warm while waiting for the plumbing.

1. Wear layers during winter!

Even though it might seem obvious, layering clothing can be done. Many people have two pairs of sock, two jumpers, and a cap on hand before going out to walk in the winter. Why not extend this to the home too? Although it might seem strange, wearing your hat indoors will make it even worse if you freeze.

Put on the winter hats for the children and the gloves.

Hot water and heat make people want to wear less winter clothing. In winter I’ve often seen people without jumpers, just wearing tee shirts.

Winter clothing will help you feel warmer.

2. Body heat in combination with reduced drafts can reduce body temperature.

Clothes folded at the bottom of the doors will block cold drafts. Then close all the rooms’ doors and get your whole family together. Closed doors and the presence of the whole family will heat up the space. Close the curtains to maintain heat. Watch the movie snuggled in your blankets. The warmth of being together will bring you and your loved ones closer.

3. Turn up the Heat!

What? It’s cold? Then fire up the stove. Turn on your stove and prepare a large roast, or anything else that requires it. As you cook the meal, gather your family in the cooking area. This will make the room warmer. Benefit from the heat that your oven emits. Also, use the kettle!

Open the oven door to extend the warmth. Assure that all small children are safely confined in another place.

4. Layer your bed.

You may get a nasty shock if you forget to turn on the heating for an entire workday. The experience was unpleasant to say the least. You don’t want to feel this cold in the house without any heating. It’s cold.

Add towels or blankets to make the bedroom even cooler. Wear a bedtime hat. It is possible to do this with your kids, and even yourself if required. You can also wear a jumper, jacket or PJs over them. If you have an infant, it’s best to layer the crib. There are special rules and precautions.

You can now switch on your heater again.

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