Forex Trading as a source of income to intelligent investors

Investors can consider homepage forex trading to be one of their sources of income. To make the minimum investment, the forex trader will need a good strategy and money-management system. It is possible to earn unlimited amounts of money. The foreign currency market has several advantages over the stock exchange.

1. This requires very little investment.
For the opening of a new account, a USD250 minimal deposit is required. Most Forex brokers provide trading accounts in either’mini-‘or’micro-‘sizes. The mini- or micro account will let beginners test out the markets before investing large amounts of money. For forex, unlike futures or bonds, a USD1000 investment is required. To double your money in one month you only need to invest USD250.

2. Low transaction cost
No clearing fee, no stamp duty, and other fees are required when we trade shares. Although we do need to use a broker, there are no brokerage fees. As compensation, they are paid a spread between the bid and ask price. The difference in price between buying and selling.

3. Any time is a good day to trade.
Fx and forex markets are open 24/7. Singaporeans, Malayisa, and Malaysians have a market that opens on Monday at 6AM. It closes on Saturday at 6AM. Homemakers as well professionals are allowed to trade at the market. You choose your trading hours according to your schedule. Before you start full time, it is possible to trade forex part-time. Trading forex will not be possible if there are other trading instruments.

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