How To Choose The Right Wall Mount For Your Flat-screen TV

The holidays are fast approaching and you’ve already made the decision to buy that lovely 50″ Flat Screen Television so you can have it in time for the festivities. You should always do some research before heading to an Electronics store to see what you’ll need to we mount your tvs.

The type of television you intend to purchase is clear, but do you know what wall mounting hardware you will need to mount it? After you select the TV the salesperson is sure to try to sell the right wall mount and any other accessories you may need. It is a habit for employees to promote the accessories required with large purchases. The fact that you can purchase everything at once is fantastic. Unfortunately, accessories are extremely expensive at the shops. There are many websites available online. It may take you a while to read through them and decide what you need. Start by deciding where to place your TV. The TV will either be permanently mounted to the wall or moved if you decide to replace it. Would you like an arm to be able to swivel and view it from different angles or would you prefer a fixed mount with the ability for you tilt it if necessary?

You should always check the specs of any mount you buy to make sure that it can work with the TV model. You may find Motion arm mounts designed for TVs weighing less than 50 lbs. However, if you own a 50-inch TV, it is likely that you’ll need one that will safely support TVs weighing 150 to 175 pounds. As with everything, some manufacturers are better than others. Do your homework and research the differences between them. If you choose the wrong TV mount, it could be a disaster. Here are some wall mounts which would work best with your Flat Screen TV.

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