The Stones of Healing

You’re not alone if you are one of millions that still doubt a stone’s ability to heal. Many people around the world don’t understand how stone works, or if it even does.

Can you heal yourself using stones, check this out?

Stones are the gemstones that heal. Gemstones have been used for healing since ancient times. The use of gemstones to heal has increased since the 1980s. This incredible healing method has been documented in America, Europe and Africa.

A good example of a stone used for healing is the papyrus. It dates from before 1600 BCE, and describes in detail how Lapis Lazuli heals.

The ancient Lemuria healers employed a crystal-based healing technique, which used gems and stones.

Some people believe that the power of stones to heal is still present, even though only doctors can use them. These conditions have been improved by using gemstones and crystals.


Self-confidence is a great way to boost your self-esteem

* Improve physic abilities

Restorative health for the body, mind and spirit

Crystals are able to encode energy and store it in any form. It is easy to understand that crystals and gems have many advantages.

These benefits are available in a variety of ways. They can be used in Reiki healing. Crystals can be used to channel Reiki energy and improve Reiki healing. You can improve sound healing by using crystals in conjunction with other instruments.

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