Herbal Ally, Mysterious Mushrooms

Autumn’s long summer days turn to autumn and the Catskills mountains of upstate New York are covered in magical, mystical, and healing mushrooms. Toadstool, a name that refers to the multitude of mushrooms that sprout between rains is quite quaint. While “fungi”, is a more precise term for them, it is also a common name. Fungi, however, are plants. They don’t need roots or flowers. See Soulcybin for get more info.

Mushrooms are a perfect addition to any witches stew. They can be shaped in strange ways, some of them even sexually suggestive. However, you’ll need to find other reasons for mushrooms being a part of your regular diet. Does avoiding the spread of cancer suffice?

It’s true. All edible fungi, not just white button mushrooms in supermarkets, are capable of stopping and reverse cancerous cellular transformations. The reason is not known. Perhaps it’s because mushrooms search for, concentrate and then share the necessary trace minerals to support strong immune systems. You could also attribute it to their abundance of polysaccharides which are interesting, complex sugars that have been shown to be health-promoters. The mushrooms can be a great source of protein and B vitamin with low calories and little sodium. One could mention the many anti-cancer compounds, anti-tumors, and antibacterial substances found in all edible mushrooms’ stalk, caps (gills), and even underground structures, mycelia.

Cook your mushrooms well. University of Nebraska Medical School scientists discovered that mice who had unlimited access to raw mushrooms (Agaricus biosporus), developed more malignant tumors during their life than mice who only ate small amounts of them.

My fungi buddies are everywhere I go in August/September – whether it’s walking barefoot over vibrant green and fragrant mosses or lightly walking across fallen pine and needle-scented fallen pine, or whether you climb outcrops studded with ferny whiskers to skirt swamps filled with mosquitoes.

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