Food Prep Is More Than Just For Parties

My husband is a passionate eater read here. He loves food, and is passionate about it. He loves shopping for, planning for, and finding great deals. He also enjoys making special meals and cooking. He can get so obsessed with cooking and eating that he will occasionally ask me, “Does anyone else know what we’re having tomorrow?” He smiles at me with a twinkled of his eyes and gives him a big grin. He thinks he’s just looking forward to tomorrow and eating dinner. He just doesn’t get me, lol.

Event planning that includes food requires a lot of preparation. Everything should be perfect. The food should look beautiful, but also taste delicious. It is important to prepare the food in a way that everyone will enjoy. It’s not difficult work. Why is this important? To share our love for each other through the sharing of food.

It is also important to consider the preparation of food when embarking on your journey toward a fit and healthy lifestyle. It’s your goal that your mind and body transform. You want this journey easy. You must prepare your food for week ahead. Planning is crucial to avoid waste, make the food delicious, and help achieve your goal of being leaner, healthier, and more energetic.

It doesn’t matter how many meals a day you eat. Preparing your food on weekends will help keep you accountable for what you eat over the course of the week. Depending upon whether I’m weight training or not it can mean that I eat between five and six meals each day. I buy whole foods. Not prepackaged. I have created a system for my own use that I will share. The preparation for this portion of your health and fitness journey will be different. This is normal since everyone has different preferences. It is my goal to give you an idea of how food prep might look. You can then take it from there.

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