The Reasons It’s Good For a Woman to Have Tough Skin

If I inform women that having tough skin is a positive thing They tend to shy away from this tip for skin care. They are not awestruck by the idea of tough skin because of two misconceptions , based on the ways we talk. Continue reading?

The first mistake is that they think that tough skin is identical to rough skin. They associate tough skin with rough, leathery, and unattractive skin. This is not what I’m talking about. But I do understand where people get this impression.

They get this mistaken impression because they are used to convey the precise language used by marketers to entice viewers and readers into purchasing products. Fashion magazines for women and TV commercials typically use words such as “soft,” “smooth,”smooth, “silky,” or “creamy” to describe the appearance of the face. This implies, unconsciously, that beautiful skin is delicate.

Another misconception is that people usually believe that thick skin is an expression of indifference to undesirable facts or words. Another misconception is that a skin that is thick is something that is connected to people who are cold, insensitive and calloused persons. This meaning is often associated with secondary meanings, but it could still be a cloud on judgement.

The Real Truth about Skin Tough Skin

It’s true that hard skin can make beautiful healthy and smooth skin look tougher and thicker. Actually, it is 7 layers thick because skin was created to protect the body from harm and not serve as an ornament to cover bones and flesh to enhance sexual attraction.

For instance young people are blessed with beautiful skin due to their hard skin. The skin of young people is strong and robust! It doesn’t mean it is unattractive or unhealthy because of excessive sun exposure or neglect of beauty. Skin that is thick and hard is a sign that your skin is healthy and well-structured. It serves as a barrier to any microbes that might be found in a topically applied source. I’ll say it again even rough skin can be gorgeous, healthy, and smooth. The skin is appealing. It isn’t delicate skin, even though it appears smooth.

How the Skin Gets Tough

Now that we know that having tough skin is good for you, you might be curious about why your skin gets more difficult and thicker. Why was our skin looking attractive as we grew older? It is because our skin lost collagen and elastin as we get older.

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