Moldavites bead necklaces

Most likely, you’ve seen these before. Bracelets and necklaces made with Moldavite beads. How can one prove their authenticity. Polishing moldavite beads round is much more difficult than making typical shaped cuts. Moldavite has unique characteristics that make this more difficult. Moldavite has a rough, corrugated surface and an internal structure that is mainly air bubbles. This makes polishing difficult. It takes a lot of polishing to get a perfect bead shape without bubbles. It might take three moldavite to polish a 10mm-sized stone. A worse ratio is not unheard-of, however. Continue reading?


Moldavite beads have a direct correlation to their rarity and labor costs. While smaller beads can be found for between 15-20USD per bead and larger beads are available at $60 per piece (fall 2019 price increase for Moldavites).

Moldavite beads authenticity

Are you concerned about whether the beads you’re buying are authentic? This is a legitimate concern. The majority of faceted Moldavites you see are fakes. Moldavite beads are even worse.

It is easy to establish authenticity with cut gems. You can find more information in this Guide on How you can tell the difference between genuine and fake Moldavites . This infographic shows What to do to determine if a faceted Moldavite actually is.

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