Craigslist: Marketing Your Product or Service

A rough estimate of how many users is receiving each month can be found. On average, craigslist receives around 30 million visitors to its home page each month. This means that at least 30,000,000 people visit craigslist each month to view ads and respond to them. Come and visit our website search it on Craigslist Ad Posting Service you can learn more.

Now that craigslist owns a subdomain in nearly every major city and every American state, they could receive over 30 million visits. Craigslist was quick to expand internationally and now has dedicated subdomains for every city in the world. If you have a local business, geotargeting can help you reach your customers and even allow for international expansion.

Let’s dive into the basics of advertising with craigslist. There are several categories that are universally applicable to every subdomain. These categories encompassed everything from jobs, housing, for sale and more. Each main category has subcategories. For instance, the main category for sale includes subcategories like electronics, cars, and computers. These subcategories allow you to target the right customer.

After you have selected your category, state, and city, you are able to post your ad. To place your ad, all you have to do is enter your email address. However, this can be hidden in order to not get spammed.

Craigslist lets anyone browse the section that contains your ad in any city or state. This means that your ad could be seen by thousands, if certainly hundreds of people each day. You will get even more visitors if your ad is posted to more than one site.

There are two ways you can help you post more than 1 ad per day. There are two options. You can either hire someone else to post your ads. Or you can use Craigslist’s auto-posting software. This isn’t to spam Craigslist by posting hundreds of ads every single day, but to make it easier to post each day. By simply clicking a button or paying someone, you can create your ad and have it reposted every single day.

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