Air Fryer Recipes–What else can you make besides chips!

You may want to try out airfryer recipes if you have an air fryer such as the Philips or Tefal models. While most people will buy an air fryer for chips, they can also be used to cook other food. The model you choose will determine what it can cook. Come and visit our website search it on air fryer english muffins you can learn more.

The Tefal Airfryer and the Philips Airfryer are the main low-fare air fryers. You can fry fries with just a tablespoon of oil, meats, or poultry. But they all do it in slightly different ways. This makes the choices for what you can cook inside them very flexible.

The Tefal Actifry uses a paddle to move food around the container. However, the Philips Airfryer actually doesn’t move the food. Some foods such as chips will need to shake halfway through their cooking process. Although hot air can be moved inside the Philips, heat is provided by the component at the top. You can cook a wide variety of foods in these fryers depending on the location of the element and the holding containers for the food. Some recipes might not work well with your particular low-fat air fryer, but they may be adaptable.

Tefal airfryer recipes often include foods that need to be stirred (even though most people take out the paddle to make it easier to cook things like bacon and hashbrowns). Tefal food includes stir fries, small pieces breaded fish, curries, casseroles, and your roast potatoes, parsnips, and other foods.

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