How to sell on Amazon in 3 Easy Steps

Selling on Amazon really is straightforward. You’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t start this sooner. It gives you twice the exposure to the goods you’ve spent time product-sourcing from places such garage sales or estate sales, thrift stores, or even car boots. It is simple to sell on Amazon. It is that easy. See Useful content about Amazon merchant accounts to get more info.

People often ask me how much I should make on each item that I sell on Amazon and other platforms. You can either sell one item and make large profits, or sell lots of smaller items and make small sums.

Step 1 – Create an account. You will need to create an account with Amazon if you are just getting started. Once you sell 40 items per month, change your account to a paid professional-seller account. There is a reason for this. The break-even number is 40. Opening an account is easy, even if you already own a buying account.

Step 2 – Source those Items – Now, you are ready for selling on the site. Just like eBay, it’s a good idea not to stop playing around with the site and sell any books, DVD’s or CD’s you may have lying around. You can sell your item new, as long it has a barcode. If you are selling toys, they must be either new and/or collectible. In future articles, I will show you how to bundle items and make them unique if you’re a pro-merchant.

Step 3 – List like mad. There’s a lot of ways you can list on Amazon. You can go to an item page and then click on a Sell Yours button. From here, enter your details and add the price. (This will also give you the low price and high sale rank.) If you’re satisfied, click another button. Yes it is.

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