Delicious Foods You Can Make Around the Campfire

In our family, dinnertime is always shared around a table. The camping experience adds a new dimension to dinnertime. Cooking outdoors can be a fun, relaxing activity that can include the whole family. Camping cooking is also very convenient because you can cook all your meals over an open fire and clean up later. More info!

Simple and delicious meals are easy to prepare for camping. To make a delicious and easy meal, we prepare some marinated meat or tofu at our home and then grill it over the open fire. We love foil-wrapped potatoes and add them to the flames.

We often bring some fresh raw veggies or a simple dish to share with our guests.

This simple creation is delicious, nutritious, and filling. Cleanup is easy, and everyone is happy for a bit to rest before they make s’mores.

Make your campfire meals tasty by getting your fire started early. It will allow the fire to slowly die down, so it doesn’t get too hot. This will result in a greater heat base and better cooking. You can decide when to cook your veggies on the camp barbecue, depending on the type of meat. You can cook potatoes whole in about 30 minutes depending upon their size.

Good quality olive oil (we like Spanish varieties), butter, salt and other spices are all good options to enhance the flavour of your dishes.

Marinate your meat in advance and place in zip lock bags in your freezer. They will take time to thaw in your cooler before you can place them on the grill.

Breakfast is another delicious and wonderful campfire meal. Who can resist eggs, bacon and sausage cooked over a wood fire? Vegans might choose to skip the bacon. The best thing about toasting eggs over the flame is how delicious it smells.

You can cook over an open fireplace by using heavy-duty pots, pans, and other cooking tools. Cast iron pans can be used for camping. They are durable and can withstand any kind of weather.

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