Removals Without Stress

Many varieties of removals firms are available from a man and a van, small removals companies such as family run businesses to multi-national companies. The services that these companies offer can vary greatly, from specialist services like international removals to general removal services. It really depends on what you are moving and where, if you were moving large pieces of antique furniture or expensive art pieces you would definitely wants to invest in using a specialist company austick car removal.

The first decision to be made is whether you will be carrying out the move yourself. It tends to be the older you are the less likely you are to do the move yourself this is basically because the longer we are around the more things we tend to accumulate. Also as we get older we are physically less able to lift heavy items. If you do decide to carry out the move yourself many firms hire out vans for home removals as well as provide boxes and materials for packing. Should you need to use self storage there is usually one in the nearest town. I use London storage which is local to my area, but you should have no trouble finding one.

Most of us choose to use a professional removals firm or a man and van, here are some tips to ensure to move goes smoothly; If possible avoid moving on a Friday, this is the most popular day for moving so the removals firms are busiest on Fridays. You may get a cheaper price if you are able to move on an alternative day. Make sure you check out the references from any removal firm that gives you quotes, I once hired a man and van Croydon area and the chap didn’t turn up. (Not a good day) Make sure that you get a few quotes as prices can vary, also make sure that they come and see what they are going to move. You do not want them charging you extra on the day. Decide who is doing the packing and make sure this is clear, of course it is cheaper to pack yourself but if time is an issue you may need the firm to pack for you. If you should decide to do your own packing make sure to check your position in your home insurance as you may not be covered for breakages by the removals firm.

If you get your removal company to pack for you remember to keep anything vital such as wallet, purse, wash kit and keys in a safe place such as your car. Removals firms are specialist companies that move through a property rapidly you could find something terrible like your car keys are packed and the removal man and van are gone. Don’t pack the tea making facilities until you are actually going removals are thirsty work, a nice pack of biscuits also goes a long way to keeping the workers happy. Make sure you and the removal firm are clear which items are to be taken, also make sure this is agreed between you and your partner. On my last move my partner had informed the London removals firm that we were not taking any of my pots from the garden. After a lengthy debate in my garden I managed to rescue a very large palm tree, to avoid this awkward situation make sure you and your partner agree on what is staying and what you are taking.

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